Total Balance Reformulation

In the 20 years since we first developed Total Balance, we have constantly made upgrades to the formula as new technology was developed and new ingredients became available.

This is the ninth generation of Total Balance Men's and Women's. It retains many of the same core ingredients but has a number of significant replacements and upgrades in line with the changes to Total Balance Premium, making it our most potent and effective version of Total Balance yet.

Key Changes: Total Balance Men's and Women's

  • Vitamin K2 MK-4 reduced from 180mcgs to 90mcgs and added 90 mcgs of vitamin K2 MK-7 in the form of MenaQ7® to bring it up to a total of 180mcgs. MenaQ7® is very beneficial for both bone and cardiovascular health; it's also what we are using in our new CX8 cardio support product. For more info about vitamin K2 MK-7, visit our ingredients page, which includes an exclusive interview between researcher Ivor Cummins and the chief scientist at NattoPharma who manufactures this ingredient. 
  • We are now using a vegan source of vitamin D3.
  • We have reduced the level of vitamin E alpha tocopherols because we have added in a pure Tocotrienol called DeltaGold®, which is high in gamma Tocotrienols. Vitamin E in the form of alpha tocopherols is quite weak and if the ratio is too high it interferes with the efficacy of Tocotrienols, which is a form of Vitamin E but MUCH more potent with some serious health benefits.
  • We have included an effective dose of CyanthOx® which is extracted from wild organic Sea Buckthorn grown at high altitudes on the Tibetan plateau. This ingredient has some amazing properties. It is a lot more potent than the widely known Pycnogenol (1.7 times more) and grape seed extract (8 times more) as measured on the ORAC scale. It also has excellent immune properties and has been shown to stimulate stem cells.
    You can learn more about it on our ingredient page, which includes an interview with Dr Tina Yuen, who helped develop this very new ingredient.
  • We have replaced Folic acid with natural Folate for improved bioavailability.
  • We have added Astragalus Root Extract to help with telomere length.
  • We have added Pau D'Arco Extractto help with stem cell stimulation.
  • We have added in R-Lipoic Acid which is the natural form of Alpha Lipoic acid and is much more bio-available.
  • We have added in Bamboo Extract to provide a natural form of silicon.

Specifically for Men's Health

We have also added two new ingredients to help stimulate the natural production of testosterone and to generally support the health of the male hormonal system:

  • Cistanche Tubulosa Stem Extract. This is an ancient plant extract said to have amazing sexual rejuvenation properties. We wouldn't go so far as to make those claims just because Genghis Khan is said to attribute his ability to have fathered hundreds of children with the help of this plant! But it does have some serious male health benefits. We also source this from the high Tibetan plateau.
  • We have included Tribulus Terrestris Extract, which has good data supporting its efficacy in helping boost testosterone. 

Specifically for Women's Health

We have also added Damiana and Sarsaparilla to Total Balance Women's. These are two widely used traditional medicines that support female health.

Total Balance - for Total Health

The Total Balance series of products was already unique in the world, with a combination of ingredients, efficacy, and quality that we believe is unmatched anywhere. These enhancements mean our customers can take advantage of the core benefits and heritage of the Total Balance range while benefiting from the latest advances in the supplement industry.

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