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CyanthOx Organic Sea Buckthorn Proanthocyanidin Extract

Sourced from the ancient sea buckthorn plant grown in the Tibetan Plateau, CyanthOx™ is a core ingredient in CX8 that offers extensive health benefits, including support for healthy inflammation response, heart health, cell regeneration, and brain function.

CyanthOx Organic Sea Buckthorn Proanthocyanidin Extract

CyanthOxTM Organic Sea Buckthorn Proanthocyanidin Extract

CyanthOxTM, one of the core ingredients in CX8, our cardio-support product, is derived from sea buckthorn, an ancient plant grown in the Tibetan Plateau. This clinically proven ingredient contains a unique combination of polyphenols, proanthocyanidins, and bioflavonoids, that provide extensive health benefits. It has been found to help support healthy inflammatory response, cardiometabolic health, cellular regeneration and brain health.

This video is with one of Xtendlife's researchers, Ivor Cummins, interviewing Dr. Tina Yuen on the benefits of Cyanthox for improving not only cardiovascular health but a range of problems relating to aging.

Ivor is a researcher holding a number of positions, including Chief Program Officer for Irish Heart Disease Awareness. Tina is a co-founder of Puredia, an organisation who are devoted to promote health education and health management through the development of organic, innovative and clinically proven ingredients.

CyanthoxTM is one of the key ingredients in CX8 and has been clinically proven to help support healthy aging.

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