Skin Benefits And Uses Of

Cetiol HE

Cetiol HE, a coconut oil-based polymer, supports skin hydration in foaming cleansers, improving the efficacy of active ingredients like kiwifruit extract and Manuka honey.

Cetiol HE

Cetiol HE benefits for skin

Cetiol HE is a coconut oil-based polymer that helps support the skin from drying when used in foaming, lathering skin care products.

A gentle emollient, Cetiol HE is a luxurious ingredient that helps improve the hydrating properties of Xtend-Life’s Foaming Facial Cleanser.

It not only helps boost the lathering effects of our nutrient-dense cleanser, it also helps support the skin’s surface layer during the lathering process, locking in essential moisture so skin feels soft and silky after use.

Cetiol HE helps the active ingredients kiwifruit extract and Manuka honey work more effectively, so their antioxidants and moisturizers effectively reach the entire surface of the skin, targeting each individual skin cell to fight free radicals and signs of aging.

Coconut oil itself is a natural moisturizer that melts into skin, allowing essential hydration to reach the skin cells below the skin’s surface, working in synergy with antioxidants to support skin proteins from damage due to oxidative stress, so collagen and elastin are stronger and more prolific, leading to fewer fine lines and wrinkles and a more luminous complexion.

Emollients such as Cetiol HE also help improve the condition of skin, leaving it smoother, softer and more hydrated.

Uses of Cetiol HE

Cetiol HE is used in foaming face and body cleansers to support the skin’s lipid layer while allowing active ingredients to cleanse away dirt and toxins without stripping away essential moisture.

It is also suitable for use in creams, lotions, oils, gels, sprays and shampoos to help improve the texture of the product, along with the sensory experience associated with using it.

Source and sustainability of Cetiol HE

Cetiol HE is manufactured by BASF Care Creations, and is derived from coconut oil, which is 100 percent natural and renewable, largely because the trees from which they are harvested are grown in sandy soil that is unlikely to support other plant growth.

Knowing that many consumers make their purchases based on the environmental impact of products, BASF Care Creations was founded on the concept of sustainability, and weaves it throughout its business practices, from production of its natural product line to eco-efficient logistics.