Establish an effective regimen for clear, youthful skin


    No wonder it can be so quick to show signs of aging.

    Cleanse away impurities

    The most important first step for healthy skin is to wash away the dirt and bacteria we accumulate during the day – as well as the toxins we release at night – by washing our faces twice a day with a mild pH balanced cleanser.

    Our Foaming Facial Cleanser is designed for both women and men and features two powerful ingredients – Manuka honey (a natural antibacterial that can help fight breakouts and inflammation) and kiwifruit extract, a powerful antioxidant that will go to work fighting free radicals while restoring the skin’s natural pH balance.

    Hydration is vital

    In addition to drinking enough water (important to moisturize your skin day and night.

    Not only will a good moisturizer hydrate your skin, it will also improve its ability to trap moisture. While both age and chilly winter weather can leave skin feeling dry and tight, moisture can reduce the signs of aging and help restore a youthful glow to your skin.

    Our Women’s Age Defying Day Cream features key ingredients to fight the signs of aging as well as boost the production of collagen and elastin while stimulating cell growth for fresh, vibrant skin that is tight and toned. Our formula also offers a special sea kelp extract that helps retain hyaluronic acid, the loss of which contributes to the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, as well as a deep-penetrating antioxidant enzyme that fights free radicals to prevent cell damage and wrinkles.

    Our Restorative Night Cream, designed to complement our day cream, takes advantage of the hours spent sleeping to pack in the moisture of shea butter and avocado extract along with the antibacterial benefits of Manuka honey.

    Your eyes reveal a lot!

    When it comes to skin care, we often neglect the delicate skin around the eyes. The skin here is not only thin and delicate, but also prone to dark circles, puffiness and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

    To combat these age-inducing effects, an eye serum is an important final step in your skin care regimen.

    Our Eye Contour Serum features a wide range of natural emollients for deep moisturizing as well as proprietary natural ingredients that have been proven in trials to reduce the appearance of dark circles that make us look as if we’ve been up all night.

    Ingredients to skip

    To get the best results of any skin care regimen, it’s important to use products that are designed to nourish rather than irritate your skin.

    Many commercial products contain ingredients that have been proven as health hazards, including:

    • Alcohols such as ethyl alcohol, benzyl alcohol, isopropyl alcohol and SD alcohol, which can dry the skin; However, it is important to note that some plant based alcohols are not harmful. Please see below for further information.*
    • Dioxane, a synthetic cousin to coconut found in skin care products that has been linked to cancer;
    • Mineral oil, a petroleum-by-product that clogs pores and prevents skin from releasing toxins;
    • Parabens, used in skin care products as preservatives but linked to conditions such as cancer and endocrine issues.

    Check your labels to be sure you’re treating your skin as kindly as it deserves, considering all it does for you all the time.


    Alcohol - There are two types of alcohol used in skincare products. Petroleum based and natural plant based. Xtendlife does not use any petroleum derived products. The type of alcohols that are found as part of an ingredient in the Xtendlife products are natural, non-drying to the skin and should not be confused with alcohols used by some other manufacturers which may have a negative effect on the skin. The plant-based ‘alcohols’ we use in our products are:

    • Lanette O (raw material) - Cetearyl Alcohol (INCI)
    • Lanette 16 (raw material) - Cetyl Alcohol (INCI)
    • Emulgade SE-PF (raw material) - contains Cetearyl Alcohol (INCI)

    The INCI refers to "International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients". International law requires that the ingredients are stated on the packaging using the name approved by INCI. For example water is called 'Aqua' and so on. The unfortunate aspect of the INCI nomenclature is that it makes no differentiation between various ingredients that can be quite different in action. Under INCI, they ALL have the same name, even the various types of alcohols are grouped together and simply called ‘alcohol’ without explaining the key differences between them.