It's Never Too Late to Start a Great Skincare Routine - 4 Steps to Beautiful Skin


    According to a recent study on skincare and beauty products conducted by The Huffington Post and YouGov, “35 percent of women use one or two products daily, while 17 percent use three or four products each day.” There are so many products available, all claiming specific results, that it can be difficult to know what to use on your skin and when.

    With this in mind, I’d like to share my tips for beautiful skin. To start, know that taking care of your skin doesn’t need to be difficult, and skincare products are supposed to work in synergy. When you use a moisturizer from one brand, and a face cleanser from another, they are not created to work together… even though we expect them to do so.

    Because of this, it’s important to do your research, find a brand that you love and stick with that brand for approximately six months. This gives your skin time to adapt and see if the products provide the skincare benefits you desire. I especially like natural products that are safe enough to eat and free of parabens and harmful chemicals of any kind.

    Once you find a skincare brand that you like, I recommend the following…

    4 Steps to Beautiful Skin

    Step 1. Cleanse.

    It’s best to clean your face once in the morning and again at night prior to going to bed. To start, moisten your face with water and apply your facial cleanser in a light, circular motion starting at the top of the forehead and moving down to the neck area. It’s a simple process you can do in the shower or over the basin. When you are finished, pat your face with a clean towel leaving it slightly damp.

    Step 2. Moisturize.

    After cleansing, gently massage your favorite, facial cream into your skin until it is fully-absorbed, without forgetting your neck area. Use a different moisturizer specifically for the rest of your body. The moisturizers should help soothe and smooth skin while reducing the appearance of scars, blemishes, fine lines, and wrinkles.

    Step 3. Enhance.

    The outermost layer of our skin is dead so if it is not removed, your skin can look dull and aged. I’ve found that facial masks are the best way to remove this dead-skin layer while softening, brightening and providing healthier skin overall.

    After cleansing, you simply apply the mask generously to the face, leave it on for 20 to 30 minutes and then rinse it off. As part of my weekly, skincare routine, I alternate between cleansing and hydrating masks for the best results.

    Step 4. Nourish.

    Since the skin around your eyes is thin and delicate, enlist the help of a good quality, eye serum. Look for a serum with powerful antioxidants, Vitamin E, and deep hydration to help put new life into the skin around your eyes. Simply place a small drop on your ring finger and pat it gently under your eyes twice a day after moisturizing.

    Good Skincare Products are Just the Beginning.

    While it’s essential to use the same brand of skincare products in the right way for the best results, this is only a small part of having beautiful skin. You also need to take care of your skin’s inner condition from head to toe with supplementation, eating the right foods and having a healthy lifestyle.

    And even if you haven’t taken care of your body and skin in the past, you can always start a new routine today, no matter how old you are or your current situation. Look for more insights and tips in the future via this blog to help you be the most beautiful and healthy you possibly can.

    But for now, what are you going to do today to enhance your skincare routine?

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