Your Unsung Hero

 It’s the most under appreciated, forgotten and hard working organ in the body. Despite its key role. Weighing approx three pounds, it is the second largest organ in your body (your skin is the first). It performs more than 500 critical biological functions, processes everything you eat and drink, and purifies your blood of many dangerous toxins.

When it is healthy, so are you. It keeps you nourished, energized, strong, active, and toxin-free.

When it’s tired and toxic you are tired, weak and old before your time.

You probably know that I’m talking about your liver. But did you know that when your liver needs help it can send you signals?

There are several main signs alerting you that your liver needs your help.

Your Liver’s Cries for Help

Unlike your joints, which shout out loud by aching, burning or creaking, your liver suffers in near silence.

To make diagnosis harder, indications that your liver is tired and overburdened are easy to confuse with the common signs of aging. For instance, you are likely to experience: low energy, indigestion, bloating, diarrhea or constipation, foggy thinking, stubborn weight gain, stiff, aching, weak muscles, cholesterol and blood sugar imbalances and pasty, dull, saggy skin.

In addition, you may experience poor sleep, easy bruising and slow wound healing, brittle bones, kidney problems, fluid retention, and more.

On the other hand...

When Your Liver is Healthy, So are You. It:

  • Purifies your blood of dangerous toxins
  • Digests fats by making bile
  • Regulates your cholesterol and triglycerides levels. Your arteries remain clear and clog free.
  • Regulates your blood sugar levels by storing the right amount of sugar.
  • Energizes your body by releasing sugar and fat molecules -your two main sources of fuel.
  • Promotes healthy hormone balance, especially estrogen, testosterone and insulin, by synthesising and dispensing hormones into the bloodstream. The liver also expels unneeded hormones via the urine or bile.
  • Boosts your immune system by storing lymphocytes and natural “killer” cells to protect you against dangerous invaders.
  • Heals wounds by makings “clotting factors” to stop excessive bleeding.
  • Nourishes your body: It collects nutrients from your food, drink and supplements. Then, it processes and distributes them to your organs and cells.

How can you ensure your liver is functioning at its best?

How to Help Your Liver

The first step is to ensure your lifestyle and diet are healthy, balanced and as toxin free as possible. This also means avoiding as many liver medications or prescription drugs as possible which can worsen symptoms. Drinking at least 1 ½ litres of pure water daily helps to replace lost water and remove toxins from the kidneys and liver.

Secondly, natural supplementation using Total Balance and Omega 3 / DHA Plus Fish Oil will greatly boost the health of all organs, reduce inflammation and toxicity and boost overall balance.

Total Balance also contains the liver enhancing milk thistle silymarin extracts, turmeric root extract, alpha-lipoic acid (ALA) and N-acetyl cysteine (NAC). Specifically:

  • Silymarin not only protects liver cells by preventing the actions of toxic substances, it also stimulates protein synthesis to accelerate the regeneration and production of liver cells.
  • Turmeric root extract helps the liver by boosting production of enzymes which digest sugar and fat. This helps to prevent excess fat build up - a source of dangerous inflammation for your liver and arteries.
  • ALA neutralizes toxins from over-the-counter and prescription drugs before they can damage your liver.
  • NAC works as a potent “vasodilator” of the liver. That means it increases healthy blood flow to your liver. And the more blood your liver receives then the more nourishment it receives.

The astaxanthin in the Omega 3 / DHA Plus is particularly noted for its ability to detoxify enzymes in human liver cells .

Two additional natural liver remedies include:

Dandelion Root: The Chinese Liver “Filtering” Herb

Dandelion Root has been used for generations to support the liver and improve digestion. This is largely because it contains powerful antioxidant “tannins.” These natural compounds are shown in research to cleanse the liver of built up toxins.

Artichoke Leaf: The Bile Booster

Artichoke Leaf is traditionally known for its ability to boost the liver’s production of bile. Bile is the natural compound that’s crucial to digest and use fats so they don’t build up around your liver or in other places in your body.

That means better processing of fats which promotes balanced cholesterol and easy digestion.

As you know, the body is a remarkable self healing wonder. Give your liver the natural TLC it needs and it will reward you with renewed vigour and health.