What Makes NR6 Better Than the Rest?

NR6 marks the end of a long road of product development for Xtendlife, 17 years to be precise! As a result of our extensive interest in ways to boost NAD+, we are supremely confident that we're bringing you the best combination of ingredients for boosting your cellular health.

In this paper we'll take you through why our NR6 is better than other supplements you'll find on the market today, and why NR6 is your best choice for boosting NAD+.

The main ingredient in NR6, called nicotinamide riboside chloride, or NR for short, is clinically proven to increase levels of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+) in the body. NAD+ is a critically important molecule that works in hundreds of reactions in cells.

Its two main functions are to help with energy creation and work as a co-enzyme to help facilitate reactions at the molecular level (for example, activation of sirtuins). This is described in more detail in our blog What is NAD+ and Why Do We Need It?

Here's a rundown of the rationale behind Xtend-Life's NR6.

Nicotinamide Riboside Chloride (NR)

Xtendlife uses exactly the same high-quality NR as the market leaders in this space. While some brands are using a trademarked version of the ingredient, Xtendlife uses a non-trademarked version of EXACTLY the same molecule.

As part of our rigorous quality control procedures, we test every batch of NR to make sure it consistently meets internationally recognized standards for NR. For example, each batch of NR is tested by an independent GMP-accredited laboratory to ensure purity and quality.


Trans-resveratrol is included in the formulation to enhance the activation of sirtuins. Sirtuins are a family of proteins that are critical to health and longevity. For more information on sirtuins, head to Xtendlife's blog What’s All the Fuss About Sirtuins?

Sirtuins and the genes that encode them have been the subject of intense research for their role in increasing lifespan in in yeast, worms, flies and mice. It is postulated, although not proven, that sirtuins may have a role in lifespan in humans.

Sirtuins are responsible for some of the beneficial effects of exercise and calorie restriction (fasting). Sirtuins are also thought to act like a master regulator of mitochondria (cell's energy batteries), increasing the number of mitochondria to match energy needs. In addition, sirtuins regulate many processes such as gene expression, cell metabolism, apoptosis, DNA repair, cell cycle, development, immune response and neuroprotection.

NR6 includes both NR and trans-resveratrol for synergistic activation of sirtuins.

Pterostilbene is another known sirtuin activator that you may see included in some supplements. This ingredient is extracted from blueberries. We have chosen not to use pterostilbene as we are concerned about the possibility of this ingredient increasing "bad" cholesterol (LDL cholesterol) in some people.

In one clinical study, elevated LDL cholesterol was seen in some individuals after taking an NR supplement that also contained pterostilbene. It is believed that pterostilbene was responsible for elevating LDL cholesterol in that clinical trial. To get the same effect of activating sirtuins, we are using trans-resveratrol because it has been the subject of numerous clinical studies and has an excellent safety record.


Piperine (derived from black pepper) is included to assist with improved bioavailability and efficacy of trans-resveratrol. Both clinical and preclinical studies have shown that piperine boosts the effectiveness of trans-resveratrol.

Dimethylglycine, Folate and Vitamin B12

Dimethylglycine, folate and Vitamin B12 are included to support the body's methylation process.

Methylation is where a molecule called a methyl group is added to another molecule, such as DNA or a protein, so that molecule is able to function. Methyl groups are produced by a process called the methylation cycle.

The methylation cycle involves lots of different molecules in the body, including S-adenosylmethionine (SAMe), homocysteine and methionine, and is dependent on specific nutrients including folate and Vitamin B12.

Methylation is essential for good health. Examples of why we need methylation are: DNA replication and repair, energy production, immune function and glutathione recycling. Glutathione is like the cell's chief free radical fighter and detoxifier.

Another example is the methylation of homocysteine which transforms that molecule into methionine. Methionine is an essential amino acid and is the most limited amino acid in human diets. Conversely, high homocysteine levels are a risk factor for age-related diseases such as cardiovascular disease and osteoporosis. In short, we want plenty of methylation to keep our circulating homocysteine levels in check and to support numerous other methylation reactions.

Clinical studies have shown that when supplementing with NR, there is an increase in levels of methylated metabolites of NAD+ in the urine (mainly Methylated Nicotinamide or MeNAD). This indicates that the body may be using up more of its valuable methyl groups.

Hence, we need to ensure that we provide the body with adequate methylation building blocks while supplementing with NR.

Dimethylglycine is metabolised in the liver where it supplies two methyl groups for methylation reactions via SAMe. Folate and Vitamin B12 are required co-factors for methylation and without adequate levels of these essential nutrients, effective methylation cannot occur.

You may see other brands' supplements that contain an ingredient called "betain anhydrous" which is also known as trimethylglycine. Both dimethylglycine and trimethylglycine support methylation. Xtendlife is using dimethylglycine as it is believed to be active in the central nervous system, for example, it is effective at reducing seizures in preclinical studies, whereas trimethylglycine is does not deliver these benefits.

As you can see, Xtendlife has used a science-based rationale to design its NR6 product. Based on clinical and preclinical studies, we believe our supplement is the best on the market for not only boosting NAD+ but also supporting increased activation of sirtuins and maintaining healthy methylation. 

Supplements to boost NAD+ are in hot demand at the moment and are considered a breakthrough in the science of healthy aging and longevity. Here at Xtendlife, we go beyond what’s "on trend" to deliver supplements that are based on the high quality clinical and preclinical evidence. You can be sure that after 17 years of searching for the best ingredients to support healthy NAD+ levels, NR6 delivers a truly superior formulation.

NR6 - Natural NAD+ Booster

A synergistic combination of natural ingredients to support cellular energy and optimal NAD+ level.

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