What keeps your tablets from being excreted whole?

Question: from Darlene

I've read that most vitamins people purchase (at least in a pressed form, like tablets) are found excreted virtually whole, as verified by sewer district processing plants. What keeps your products from doing that?

Answer: from Warren Matthews

Hi Darlene,

It is indeed true that many supplements pass through the system complete. These are generally the cheap mass produced supermarket supplements. There is no excuse for it and probably is less prevalent now because under the new US FDA GMP rules companies should test each batch for disintegration properties and if they do not pass they should not be released.

We test every batch for disintegration and it is all documented. We have been doing that for 10 years and have never had this occur with our products…it is just not possible. We are preparing a presentation shortly which shows the entire production process of our supplements and this will be able to be viewed on the website. It will show the disintegration process.