The Skin Differences Between Men and Women

    Scan the aisles of any store selling personal care products and you’ll find that while women’s skin care covers shelf after shelf – day cream, night cream, eye cream, serums, masks, etc. – men’s products usually include a shaving cream and possibly an after shave to sooth sensitive skin and a modest range of creams and moisturisers.

    While it may appear that men don’t care about their skin as much as women do, the truth is, men and women have different skin, and require different products to target their own individual needs.

    While you probably know that women spend more than men on the products they use, according to Marie Claire magazine, it is a whopping $151 billion more. (Ref. 1)

    Textural speaking

    The skin on a woman’s face – even if she never used a skin-care product in her life – is naturally thinner than that of a man thanks to the male hormones androgens, which increase skin thickness in men.

    Men also have more collagen-dense skin, which is one of the reasons why women tend to appear to age faster than men.

    Hormones also encourage male skin to produce more sebum, which puts them at a higher risk of developing not only longer-lasting acne, but also rosacea, and in particular the condition rhinophyma, a thickening, redness and swelling around the nose that only occurs in men. (Ref. 2)

    Men and women also have a different pH balance in their skin.

    The differences are distinct, which is why we offer two basic skin-care creams for women and only one basic skin-care cream for men.

    Just for men

    Our men’s formula – Age Defense Natural Facial Fluid - addresses the key issues facing men’s skin, including:

    1. The redness and irritation that comes with regular shaving;
    2. Signs of aging caused by sun damage, including dark spots;
    3. Roughness triggered by exposure to environmental toxins, which allow free radicals to run roughshod over skin, making it tougher and less smooth; and
    4. Years of neglect that likely came from using the fewest possible products as a way to look more manly. The truth is, women prefer a man whose skin is smooth, so it won’t chafe their more delicate skin, say the experts at Men’s Health. (Ref. 3)

    Our Men’s Facial Fluid contains thoroughly researched and exceptionally effective ingredients that can help stimulate the growth of collagen and elastin and boost hyaluronic acid which helps to fight free radicals and keep skin looking young.

    For women only

    Our women’s formulas, on the other hand, are designed to address problems specifically targeted to women’s needs.

    In general, women want a lighter moisturizer during the day, especially so if they’re using a foundation, to prevent the products from feeling too heavy.

    Our Women’s Active Day Cream contains many of the same ingredients as the men’s cream but is formulated in amounts that are better suited for women’s skin and is light so it absorbs into the skin quickly.

    Still, it contains ingredients that stimulate the growth of collagen and elastin, boosts hyaluronic acid, and contains antioxidants to fight free radicals, along with other ingredients that create a synergistic effect that boosts the power of these proprietary formulations.

    But at night, women are more likely to turn to something rich and more concentrated to take advantage of the restorative action that happen as they sleep.

    Our Restorative Night Cream replenishes moisture lost through the day with a wealth of hydrating ingredients including Manuka honey and shea butter, while continuing to take aim at the signs of aging.

    Skin care for two

    Though many of our products are designed specifically for men or women, our Foaming Face Wash is designed for both men and women.

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