The new Xtend-Life blog is now live and our newsletters have been updated…

    This is the first posting in our new Xtend-Life blog. As our customers know, my personal blog has been the ‘de-facto’ Xtend-Life blog for the last few years. But, because we wish to expand the amount of information available to readers and customers…and with the increasing demands on my time, we made the decision to develop this new blog and include input from other Xtend-Life staff and members of our Scientific Advisory Board.

    This will enable us to ensure more regular postings…seven days a week. I will still continue to do regular posts.

    The format of my personal blog is being changed and will be in place early next month. It will be more interactive and will give both readers and customers the opportunity to make comments on a variety of subjects including Xtend-Life. More about this in a later posting.

    This new Xtend-Life blog will have a post every day. We appreciate that it is hard for most people to keep up to date with what is going on in the wellness area due to their busy lives and overloaded email boxes…so, we are making an effort to keep things simple.

    The weekly news will simply contain the heading and a couple of sentences of the blog posts in the previous week. If anything is of interest you can just click on the link and go straight to the item. The monthly newsletter is an electronic copy of our hard copy newsletter which we send out with our customers’ orders each month.

    By doing it this way we won’t overload your mail box…and of course we will not send any more emails than the number provided for on the subscription sign-up.

    Hope you join up so it is easier to keep in touch.