The Arrogance of some Medical ‘Experts’ know no bounds

Last night I watched a 60 minute program which was a follow up of an earlier program I referred to just recently in this blog ("The doctors were prepared to let him die").

Interviewed in this program was the Principle Advisor to the NZ Health Ministry and the comments he were making were amazing. When referencing the case I referred to in the earlier blog he denied that the intravenous Vitamin C was a contributing factor in the farmer’s recovery. When asked if he would give a patient in that situation intravenous Vitamin C he responded with a definite NO!! The reason?

"Well, firstly that it is unproven, and secondly that it may damage his kidneys!" Hello? They were prepared to turn off the life support machine and let the man die and he is worried about his kidneys!! Unbelievable!

When asked what he would need as proof to use intravenous Vitamin C in these circumstances he responded "a full scale clinical trial". Then the interviewer asked who would fund such a trial to which he replied "the pharmaceutical companies of course".

He knows and we all know that this would never happen as pharmaceutical companies never fund studies on non patentable medicines. That was put to him to which he replied…well let the people who believe that intravenous Vitamin C works fund it!

This arrogant attitude in sectors of the medical profession is not limited to New Zealand…it is world-wide and many people die unnecessarily as a result. It must be infuriating to those Doctors who have taken the time to study natural solutions and know from experience that some of these natural alternatives truly work.

I have copied below an article from a local NZ organization set up to fight those ‘experts’ and give people the right to select their own form of treatment.



Medical Expert Implies Passing Bus is Just as Likely to Have Saved Allen Smith’s Life as Vitamin C

Thursday, 16 September 2010 15:57
Vitamin C Can Cure Coalition Press Release 16th September

The Vitamin C Can Cure Coalition are dismayed by comments in last night's 60 Minutes Program from Principal Advisor to the Health Ministry and Senior Intensive Care Specialist, David Gallaher. Gallaher suggested that Allan Smith’s recovery from Swine Flu and Leukaemia could have been just as likely from a "bus driving by" as the high dose Vitamin C he received.

While the so called medical experts refuse to look at overwhelming evidence of the safety and efficacy of vitamin C - a sanctioned, registered medicine, the death toll mounts and New Zealand families prepare to live a life without their loved ones.

The Coalition would like to thank Melanie Reid of 60 Minutes for exposing one of the core problems in the Vitamin C debate as quoted by David Gallaher "We have a framework to assess things and it's critically important that we actually apply that framework."

"This statement clearly demonstrates why our iatrogenic death toll is 3 times greater than the road toll" says representative for the coalition Nicola Grace. She continues "I would suggest that because the framework clearly isn't working, it's killing people 3 times greater than the road toll and letting people die unnecessarily, it would be critically important that they do indeed start looking outside that dogmatic framework, as other good doctors and specialists have been doing successfully for decades".

Gallaher further stated in the program that "There’s no convincing evidence at all, in this population, that it works". And "We as a group believe it’s harmful". This disturbs Coalition representative, Nicola Grace most of all because high-dose intravenous vitamin C branded as Ascor L 500 is a fully registered medicine and is classified for general sale. It's classified for general sale because of its safety record of no risk or harm to health.

This means evidence of its efficacy and safety have been lodged and accepted by Medsafe with the gazette notice of approval issued on 21 January 2010 for all to read.

"Can a group of doctors really decide to second guess the Ministry of Health's 5 year long safety assessment of an approved medicine? No one requesting vitamin C treatment should have been refused it from that date the medicine was registered as safe for general sale." says Nicola.

"That our so called senior advisors are not up to speed with the law, literature and the science is appalling and suggests they shouldn't be in positions that allow them to make uninformed decisions that effect peoples lives" she continues.

Professor Ian Brighthope was quoted in the program as saying "People are dying because of the attitude of the medical profession".

"In refusing high dose intravenous Vitamin C under any circumstance, these advisors are sending a clear message to the general public - if you get swine flu and go into the hospital, you will be refused an effective, potentially life saving registered medicine and probably die".

Perhaps it is time we challenge the premise of our society and the framework of our medical system that "Doctor Knows Best", before more people needlessly die in our deteriorating health care system. "If they do know best, how come so many people die in their hands and so many people live by choosing alternatives?" Nicola concludes.

Dr Thomas Levy will address members of the medical profession and general public on VITAMIN C – THE FACTS – THE FICTION AND THE LAW this Friday Night.

Dr Levy extends an invitation to David Gallaher and any Doctor or Nurse to attend as his guest. 50 seats have been set aside for this purpose.