The 10 Skin Sins You Should Avoid

Here are the 10 bad skin care habits you should try to avoid:

1. Picking or squeezing pimples:

Most people get pimples during their teenage years. Pimples also can occur in women during menopause. You can even develop pimples during your late 20s and 30s as a result of various internal factors. Picking or squeezing pimples damages the skin, encourages more bacterial growth and may lead to scarring.

2. Going to bed with dirty skin:

Did you know that our skin repairs and heals itself during the night while you sleep? Dead skin cells, pollution, oil and dust accumulate on our skin's surface throughout the day... leaving skin pores blocked. If you wear makeup, this can cause even more blockages. If you go to bed without cleaning your skin properly, these blocked skin pores may result in unsightly blemishes, blackheads and pimples.

3. Getting too much sun:

A good healthy dose of sunshine is good for the skin and overall health. However, too much sunshine and overexposing your skin to UV-rays can not only cause the skin to appear leathery and older than it actually is, it may even result in more serious skin conditions.

4. Over-exfoliating you skin:

It's true that removing dead skin cells by exfoliating the skin is beneficial. However, some people often end up overdoing it by using harmful exfoliating cleansers, toners containing salicylic acid, and moisturizers containing parabens and other chemicals. If your skin becomes red after using a particular exfoliating product, you should stop using that immediately as this may indicate that the product is too strong for your skin.

5. Using skin care products that are not natural:

As mentioned above, some people purchase high-end cleansers, moisturizers and exfoliating products, but do not pay enough attention to the ingredients found in these products. To ensure that your skin stays in good shape for years to come, you should use products that do not contain any harsh chemicals or parabens. Some of these chemicals, besides being potentially harmful, may cause the skin to become very dry, red and susceptible to premature aging.

6. Excessive moisturizing:

You may be surprised that over-moisturizing should be avoided by people with dry skin. This means, even if you have excessively dry skin, you should not resort to heavy moisturizing products as this could leave the skin feeling heavy, greasy and congested.

7. Using soap for skin cleansing:

Petroleum based soaps are alkaline and thus help in removing dirt and oil effectively from your skin. However, while doing so, they also remove the protective natural 'shield' of sebum from your skin's surface. This is why we recommend using our Foaming Facial Cleanser which is suitable for all skin types as well as both men and women.

8. Using old makeup:

You should never hold on to your old beauty products and make-up, especially if they are not frequently used. As most women use their fingers for applying make-up, items like sponges and bottles with liquid make-up are extremely susceptible to bacterial growth if not used regularly. Therefore it is always wise to avoid using old and unused make-up.

9. Too much rubbing while taking care of the skin:

You should try to avoid excessively rubbing your skin while cleaning it or moisturizing. Excessive rubbing can cause redness and may leave the capillaries permanently dilated, giving your skin a blotchy appearance. Instead, use gentle pressure in short brief movements when cleansing or moisturizing.

10. Taking boiling-hot showers:

Many people enjoy taking long hot showers or baths. We do so primarily to help relax and in some cases even reduce muscle aches and tension. However, taking hot showers and baths may produce a stimulating effect on the skin (particularly the face) causing unwanted redness and inflammation. Instead try lukewarm or 'blood-temperature' showers or baths as these are not just beneficial for your skin; they could help save your electricity bill!

Using common sense and following a healthy daily skincare regimen with the Xtend-Life range of skincare products is a sure-fire way to get the type of skin you deserve...healthy, radiant and younger-looking.