Silly Study...

    Over the years I have written articles about the stupidity of some so called ‘studies’ which either confirm something that humankind have known for centuries or which everyone knows just from plain common sense.

    But, these silly studies still continue and I guess they always will so long as someone is prepared to pay for them and some researchers have nothing better to do. Personally I don’t care so long as the studies are not funded indirectly by tax payers, or sometimes as is the case with some supplement studies where they are funded by big Pharma in an attempt to discredit supplements or specific natural ingredients.

    Here is an example of a silly study. It has created headlines such as "Dietary Supplements Fuel Bad Health Habits". Now, you would think that this must be a study which involves long time or serious users of dietary supplements...correct? No, not at all! In fact, it is basically a physiological study which is totally meaningless.

    There is an article in which Judy Blatman from the Council of Responsible Nutrition outlines the silliness of this study. You may wish to read it by clicking here.