Human Growth Hormone...

    Fortunately most of them have since disappeared.

    One of our newsletter subscribers has just raised this issue which I thought I would share with you.

    Phyll comments:

    "Hi Warren,
    I have subscribed to your newsletters for years now... missed them there for a while. I haven't tried your products as yet because I live in Canada and the cost is beyond my budget at this time. The more I read about them, the more curious I am to try them. I don't have a clue what is the best for you to take. My question is 'What is your opinion on Human Growth Hormones?' I have been reading a lot about them the past few months and what I hear is very convincing but maybe you could explain to me what they do and are they safe or would they have side effects over a period of time?

    To your health,

    Warren comments:

    There is only one genuine HGH (Human Growth Hormone) and that is one produced by a pharmaceutical company and is an injectable. It is not a supplement and is only available by prescription.

    However, there are dozens of companies on the internet promoting Growth Hormone as a supplement. This is not HGH but rather a mixture of amino acids to help stimulate your own production of HGH, which is usually measured by IGF-1.

    It is difficult to measure HGH because of the variation of levels throughout the day.

    The amino acid mix can help raise levels of IGF-1 in younger people quite easily but has limited effect on those people over 40 years of age. The ironic thing is that young people do not need additional HGH unless they have a condition that has brought about a deficiency.

    HGH as an injectable should never be taken without a clear demonstrated need for it. Levels need to be monitored by an expert professional in that field and should not be taken long term... if at all by a healthy individual.

    The best way to keep your HGH levels at a healthy level is to focus on your overall health. To give an example, my HGH levels (as measured by IGF-1) are similar to a healthy individual 30 years my junior. All I have done, other than follow a healthy lifestyle is take a full dose of our Total Balance for the last 10 years along with our omega-3 fish oil. I do use some of our other products but it is the Total Balance that helps with maintaining my good HGH levels.

    I would be reluctant to take those high-dose amino acids being promoted. If you do only take them month on, month off. Overall, you are better off taking the mix of amino acids on a regular basis as we provide for in Total Balance.

    HGH as an injectable is expensive…if it is a genuine product.