How Important Is It To Take Supplements At The Recommended Dosage?

So you're looking at the back of the label of your Total Balance Premium, wondering if you really need to take all seven of those tablets. While it may seem like a lot, this supplement is formulated so that you’re getting the nutrients you need – in the right amount. Cutting back on the number of pills you take and consuming a smaller dose will not offer optimum results. “There are many special nutrients necessary for supporting the health of all the organs of your body, and they simply cannot be fitted into any lesser number of tablets without compromising the results”, according to Warren Matthews, founder of Xtendlife.

We carefully formulate our products, with reference to the best science available - to achieve synergy between the ingredients that offer real results. But many of those benefits won’t be realized if you aren’t getting an effective amount of each nutrient.

And here’s the thing. If you purchased all the nutrients offered in Total Balance separately, you’d be taking dozens of tablets each day. Given that, seven doesn’t seem like all that much, does it?

We recommend either splitting the dose into two lots during the day or taking them all at once hit first thing in the morning, depending on which is more convenient for you.

In addition, our supplements are designed to provide the right nutrients in the right way. They’re not time released, but instead are enteric coated to be released when and where they can provide the most benefits in their bio-available form.

Is overdosing a possibility?

Some experts say that if you eat a healthy diet and take supplements you run the risk of getting too much of some key nutrients.

“Quite a few people who take a multivitamin and eat a healthy diet are getting twice what they need,” Diane Birt, Ph.D., director of the Center for Research on Botanical Dietary Supplements at Iowa State University, told Women’s Health Magazine. (Ref. 1)

Especially risky for too-large doses are calcium, beta-carotene, iron, vitamin A and zinc, Birt said.

Again, here’s the thing. Most supplements on the market are a hodge-podge of synthetic ingredients, with no real regard to how much of any one nutrient is the optimum amount for health benefits. If studies show the ingredient is beneficial, and it is cheap, and consumers know to look for it, in it goes.

We’ve invested years of research determining not only how much of a nutrient will be beneficial, but also how it interacts with other nutrients in the supplement. The harmony between ingredients – like a partner who inspires you to be your best – also helps determine how much of any nutrient we include in the mix.

Since most people get enough iron from their diets, we don’t include iron in any of our formulas.

And as for the others on Birt’s list, the inherent risks come from taking synthetic versions of nutrients, which are often made from coal tar and are viewed as foreign invaders by our bodies. The same risks don’t hold true for nutrients in their natural forms.

If the cost is a concern or the number of tablets is a concern, consider the standard version of Total Balance. This formula only requires four tablets a day, and still offers great general health benefits, as well as real anti-aging benefits. However, this cannot offer the optimal anti-aging benefits we can offer with the Total Balance Premium.

We all know that feeling our best is a mix of things – a smart diet and exercise, along with a nutrient blend such as Total Balance that is formulated with good nutrition in mind. Because it provides essential nutrients that when missing from the diet may trigger cravings, it helps keep late-night refrigerator raids to a minimum, while providing the energy and endurance necessary to hit the gym or lace up your shoes for your morning run.

It’s our mission as much as yours to help you defy the aging process and live life to the fullest, every day.

What does living life to the fullest mean to you? What are you doing now to make this happen?