Do 'Real Men' use Skincare Products

Men are now seeing themselves on billboards, television advertisements, and in magazines. There is a new male image on show, one that has to stay ahead of the game, and that means staying youthful, and presentable.

It seems that "real men" are now a commodity in this world obsessed by youth, style and beauty. There are now countless magazines devoted to this obsession and most feature the latest and greatest in male skincare. Some feature a masculine role model showing that "real men" can use skincare products.

Some men may think that looking after your skin is a domain held by gay men. After all, they are seen as avid users of skin care. But since David Beckham announced his devotion to male skin care (and fashion), the tide changed. More and more famous men have appeared in television commercials for men’s moisturisers. Ordinary men have followed, by purchasing skin care products targeted at them, for them.

Society has now accepted the notion that "real men" do use skincare products. Last year, Australian sportsman Shane Warne changed his image. He lost weight, devoted himself to a light wrinkle free skincare routine, and is now more eloquent. People still see him as a "real man".

The days are gone where the only way men would be hygienically presentable was with soap and water. Now it's the whole "box and dice" – washed, shaved, tweezed, and moisturised.


More men are trying to starve off ageing, and are devoting themselves to the cause of looking good and being presentable in a world where image is so important. Beauty salons worldwide now cater for men and even though the attendance levels are not as great as they are for women, the levels are rising. In many locations around the world, there are beauty salons devoted to men only.

There used to be a myth that "real men" don’t use skincare products, but they do. You can see it in the form of advertising and the endless media coverage. However, it is still the case that many men only begin to understand the benefits of skincare products after they have a specific problem, such as acne or dry skin. Even so, whatever the case, men are now going through what women went through forty odd years ago – where image is everything, and youth is again the obsession.

But not every man is obsessed over youth, some just want to look good and feel great. They are happy in their current age, but wouldn't mind some help.

There are now many products on the market for men, particularly moisturisers, but an ordinary moisturiser is really not good enough. There needs to be other actives in it which will help repair the skin and help counteract the redness which is so prevalent in men as they age.

When we developed the Men’s Facial Fluid we took all these factors into account and also developed it from a nutritional point of view... because after all you are indirectly eating the products you put on your skin.

I have been using our Men's Facial Fluid for the last few years since we developed it and it sure has made a difference. I use it twice a day after washing my face with our Foaming Facial Cleanser. When I am out in the boat and exposed to the elements I put extra on my face and it certainly helps prevent getting "weather beaten" skin. So, it you are interested in looking better it is worth giving that product a go. You can get details of it by clicking here. If you give it a try let me know how you find it. If you don’t think it is as good as what I say, let our Customer Relations know (and me as well) to take advantage of our industry-leading 12 month (one year!) money-back guarantee.