Can added ingredients dilute the potency of fish oil?

    Warren received the following question from a customer after we announced the release of the new Omega 3 / QH Premium CoQ10.


    Hi Mr that you have three Omega-3 products, are you planning on discontinuing the original and just keeping Plus (with astaxanthin and lycopene) and the QH Premium CoQ10 (with astaxanthin, lycopene and CoQ10)? I hope not, as I use the regular and am very happy with it. Do all the other ingredients in the DHA Plus / QH Premium CoQ10 dilute the potency of the fish oil in any way? Thanks for a great product.

    Answer from Warren:

    You can rest easy…we intend to retain all three versions. Neither the DHA Plus version, nor the QH Premium CoQ10 version will dilute the potency of the fish oil in any way. Both of these extra products have the full amount of fish oil as in the basic version.

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