Astaxanthin for Brain Health?

We have always known that astaxanthin was good for the eye’s and the skin which is why we have been using it in our Total Balance range for many years, and why we also include it in our Premium and QH / Premium CoQ10 versions of our Omega 3 fish oil.

But, new research is coming out showing it can contribute to mental health.

The article which I have linked to expands further on this.  I should also mention that the astaxanthin being fed to salmon is the synthetic version not the natural form from algae which is produced for human consumption.  The synthetic form is 99% pure astaxanthin whereas the natural form is only 2 – 10% depending whether it is a powder or oil.

The synthetic form is not approved for human consumption and the natural form is much too expensive to feed to fish.

To read the article Astaxanthin shows potential for brain health: Human study