9 Must Haves For Every Prostate

One of the most important aspects of the aforementioned healthy lifestyle is creating a diet plan that includes natural ingredients which promote better prostate function.

Without further ado, let us take a look at some naturally occurring items that you can use to bolster your prostate health.

1. Cayenne Peppers

Capsaicin, a substance that is present in cayenne peppers, contributes to the spicy flavor of the chili that we all enjoy so dearly. However, it also has another important property – it may help with removing prostate cancer cells. Researchers in Spain recently demonstrated that capsaicin was a catalyst for autophagy (a natural process your body employs to kill malfunctioning cells) and sped up the death of poor functioning prostate cells.

Adding a small dose of cayenne powder or a cayenne supplement to your daily diet is a great way to get the benefits of capsaicin.

2. DIM

DIM or diindolylmethane is a component that is found abundantly in cruciferous vegetables like kale, broccoli, Brussel sprouts and cauliflower. Early research indicates that DIM may help support prostate health by managing the level of prostate-specific antigen (PSA). Other than DIM, cruciferous vegetables contain a whole host of other beneficial ingredients, such as I3C (indole-3-carbinol) which supports healthy DNA function.

3. Curcumin

Curcumin is one of the most widely-researched ingredients when it comes to healthy inflammation management. An essential component found in turmeric, Curcumin has been demonstrably effective at promoting the death of poor functioning cells.  Use turmeric liberally in any food item that you consume – soups, stews, gravies, smoothies. You can also supplement your intake with a specialized curcumin supplement.

4. Ginger

Recent studies have brought forth the use of ginger as a treatment for prostate conditions. Researchers found that ginger is effective at promoting apoptosis while preventing an unhealthy progression of cell life. Additionally, we now know that 6-shogaol, which is an important ingredient present in ginger is capable of providing several benefits for prostate and cellular care.

5. Green Tea

Green tea contains polyphenols called catechins, and these have been demonstrably effective in reducing the risk of BPH. One of the strongest catechins found in green tea is epigallocatechin-3-gallate or EGCG. Studies show that green tea may help to manage urinary symptoms associated with an enlarged prostate and may help with DHT production and PSA levels.

You can choose a brand of green tea that appeals to you after you’ve done your research. Remember that you’re looking to get as much EGCG as you can in a single cup of green tea. At Xtendlife, we use the incredible power of green tea extract in our Total Balance Men's Premium, and our superfood blends – Zupafood Elite and Zupafood for Skin.

6. Omega-3s

Yet another naturally occurring ingredient that has been studied extensively over the years, Omega-3s can be used to aid prostate cancer treatment, in addition to providing all of the life-extension benefits it already possesses.


To get enough of the goodness of Omega-3s, you need to have a lot of fish (salmon, tuna, sardines) that are rich in the compound. If you’re unable, for whatever reason, to eat a lot of fish on a regular basis, you can opt for an Omega 3 supplement from a reputed brand. We have three separate Omega 3 solutions for you to choose from, depending upon your requirements.

7. Pomegranate

There’s really no way to go wrong with pomegranate – It’s delicious, and it helps you fight prostate cancer. A study performed at the University of California demonstrated that pomegranate extract and pomegranate juice are greatly effective at inhibiting the growth of prostate cancer cells. For men already suffering from prostate cancer, pomegranate extract and juice have been shown to be effective at extending the PSA doubling time period.

Pomegranate juice might be an easier way to consume the fruit, but you need to be careful because it also has a lot of sugar. Other than its cancer-prevention properties, pomegranate is also a great ingredient for brain health, which is why it is an integral part of our Neuro-Natural products.

8. Quercetin

Quercetin is a flavonoid which has proven benefits as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. Recent research has shown that quercetin may be also effective at slowing down the growth of prostate cancer cells. It is also great at impeding the progress of oncogenes, which are a substance that can convert normal cells into cancer cells.

Quercetin supplements often also include bromelain, which is another naturally occurring anti-inflammatory substance. Recommended dosages may vary according to the supplement brand you choose. Our own Testosterone Support product, which is aimed at supporting testosterone and prostate health, and includes quercetin as a key component.

9. Resveratrol

Resveratrol, also known as the reason a lot of people slyly use to drink red wine, is a natural antioxidant that has a whole host of anti-aging benefits. It has also been shown as an effective inhibitor for prostate cancer cells, more so than any of the other polyphenols found in wine. It has also been proven to protect DNA, reduce the growth and spread of tumors and fight free radicals.

The most effective way to consume resveratrol is to find a reputed supplement that includes pure resveratrol. Xtendlife’s Total Balance and Cardio Support products use resveratrol, making it an effective tool to fight prostate cancer while providing several other health benefits.

Building a healthy lifestyle with a diet that includes plenty of naturally occurring ingredients that fight prostate cancer is one of the most powerful changes you can make as a man. In addition to a nutritious diet, using supplements like Xtendlife Prostate Support is a powerful 1-2 combination that may tremendously accelerate your recovery process, and in some cases, prevent the onset of prostate cancer entirely. Prostate Support contains a blend of saw palmetto and stinging root, two natural ingredients that are incredibly effective for prostate health and prostate cancer recovery.

It’s time to take your prostate health into your own hands. Choose wisely.