60 Day Supply | 60 Soft Gels
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A powerful innovative synergy of ubiquinol CoQ10 and geranylgeraniol supports heart health and healthy aging.

  • High dose of bioactive CoQ10
  • Support healthy aging
  • Recommended for statin users

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Key Benefits

100 mg CoQ10

50 mg GG

Statin Support

CoQ10 is a key player in the production of ATP, the substance that makes energy for your cells, particularly the heart. It’s also a powerful antioxidant, which supports the antioxidation of the "bad" LDL cholesterol and helps protect against atherosclerosis. However, the production of CoQ10 declines with age and medications such as statins[1].

Xtend-Quinol is developed to support CoQ10 levels, providing support for heart health and healthy aging. Xtend-Quinol features DuoQuinol® - a pioneered scientific development of CoQ10 and geranylgeraniol (GG), offering support for your wellbeing.

Energy Boost Support

The heart requires a significant amount of cellular energy to constantly contract and pump blood throughout the body. Xtend-Quinol offers a potent form of CoQ10 called ubiquinol, it’s the active form of CoQ10 which support cell vitality.

Support Heart Health

Ubiquinol plays an important role to support vital organs, especially the heart. The ubiquinol CoQ10 from Xtend-Quinol is in the non-oxidised form which is biologically identical to the ubiquinol CoQ10 naturally produced in your body. This unique CoQ10 blend features the inclusion of geranylgeraniol (GG) which is essential for supporting healthy aging. GG is the building block for CoQ10, it supports natural CoQ10 production and muscle function/strength, which provides support to people who are taking statins.

Superior Absorption

The GG inclusion also supports the cellular absorption of the blend, which helps the body access more CoQ10 benefits.

[1] Ernster, L. and G. Dallner, Biochemical, physiological and medical aspects of ubiquinone function. Biochim Biophys Acta, 1995. 1271(1): p. 195-204. 

Always read the label and use as directed. If symptoms persist see your healthcare professional. Xtendlife, Christchurch.



Supplement Facts

Serving size: 1 Soft Gel
Servings per container: 60
Amount Per Serving  
(as DuoQuinol®)

100 mg*

(as GG-Gold®)

Other Ingredients: Soft gel (bone gelatin, purified water, glycerin, annatto color). Medium chain triglycerides, quillaja.

DuoQuinol® and GG-Gold® are registered US trademarks of American River Nutrition, LLC and protected by US Patent 7,989,006, 11,471,426, 8,293,290 and other patents pending.


Servings per bottle: 60 

Daily serving: Adults - 1-2 soft gels per day.

For optimal results take with food.

If you are pregnant, lactating or taking any medications, please consult your health practitioner before starting new supplements.

If you have any questions, please contact us at customer.service@xtend-life.com

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Can I take Xtend-Quinol if I have a diagnosed heart condition?

Our view is a resounding yes. But when you have any condition you should get your doctor's OK before commencing on any supplement regimen.

Can I take Xtend-Quinol if I have stents?

There is no evidence to suggest taking Xtend-Quinol would cause a problem for someone with stents. However, you should consult your doctor prior to starting Xtend-Quinol.

Is it safe to take GG with my statin?

This was the main factor in developing this product. It should not affect the ability of your statin to lower cholesterol. However, you should always consult your doctor prior, if you are taking any medications.

Is it safe to take with other prescription medications, such as blood thinners?

While there is no evidence to suggest adverse interactions with medications, you should consult your doctor prior to starting any new supplement, especially if you take blood thinners. We recommend you take your supplements 2-3 hours away from prescription medication.

Will Xtend-Quinol help with cholesterol?

Xtend-Quinol contains two ingredients, GG and ubiquinol.

GG will not help with your cholesterol as it is downstream in the biochemical (mevalonate) pathway.

Ubiquinol has a role to play in cholesterol management because it dwells in LDL particles. LDL is “bad” cholesterol, but it is oxidized LDL (oxLDL) that is particularly atherogenic (likely to cause plaques in the blood vessels). Ubiquinol’s presence in LDL particles ensures that progression to oxLDL is prevented. Beyond its antioxidant capabilities, vital role in cellular energy production, and advanced bioavailability, numerous research studies support ubiquinol supplementation for heart health. 

Can I take other Xtendlife supplements alongside Xtend-Quinol?

Yes, you can. All our products are formulated to work synergistically with each other. 

Can I take Xtend-Quinol if I am pregnant or breastfeeding?

No, we do not recommend this. The only product we recommend during this time is our Omega 3/DHA fish oil, which has valuable properties to support both the health of the mother and baby. 
Fish oil is highly recommended by many medical professionals during pregnancy and breastfeeding to help support infant brain development, as well as systemic organ growth. It can also play a valuable role in supporting the post-natal mood and brain function of the mother. As the baby draws from the mother's precious stores of DHA, they can easily become depleted, therefore supporting levels with a supplement such as Omega 3/DHA fish oil is very wise.