Phytaminol benefits for skin

Phytaminol is a superb antioxidant derived from vegetable oil that has not been genetically modified. It works to support the skin’s ability to maintain healthy cells while helping maintain circulation and manage hydration.

In addition to taking on free radicals that result in signs of aging, phytaminol helps maintain the circulation of the skin, bringing essential nutrients to the surface where they can do the most good, while supporting the skin’s ability to manage the sun’s UV rays.

It also helps the skin maintain its natural moisture, helping boost radiance and luminosity, and helps support skin’s natural, healthy inflammation management.

Phytaminol is most effective when working in synergy with two other antioxidants, copherol and astaxanthin.

Together, this powerhouse trio helps support the healthy function of collagen and elastin, maintain circulation so more nutrients can reach skin cells and helps support against free radicals to reduce damage from oxidative stress.

Uses of Phytaminol

Because it is derived from vegetable oil, phytaminol is ideal for cosmetics, as a carrier for essential and specialty oils and as a moisturizer and age-defying product. Phytaminol is first and foremost an antioxidant, and it helps manage free radical activity, maintaining the healthy function of collagen and elastin protein cells.

It is well suited for facial and body lotions but is lightweight enough to use in eye creams and serums.

Source and sustainability of Phytaminol

Phytaminol is derived from natural vegetable oils by Textron, a subsidiary of Grupo Plimon, a company based in Barcelona, Spain that focuses on cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and the food service industries.

Since it was founded in 1980, Grupo Plimon and Textron – the maker of Xtend-Life’s phytaminol - has made a commitment to its neighbors, clients and workers to protect not only the environment, but also the health of its workers.

Not only does the company focus on producing high-quality products steeped in innovation, Grupo Plimon also approaches each business venture with respect for the environment as part of its overall mission.

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